Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I done ate lots of places...

...since I finally got a job!!

I've been to the new BBQ place out on 150 three times now. Hickory River, a chain that boasts about its Texas-style barbecue, was good the first two times, but merely mediocre the last time, which was a very cold night with little business. The pulled pork tasted like it had been sitting for a while. I mentioned that to the guy, and he gave us a $5 gift card for next time, of which there will be many next times.

Went back to the Burger Barge for the first time in quite a while. The last time I went there, it was so smoky that I immediately got a headache and when the food arrived, I asked for a box to take it home (full disclosure: I'm a smoker). This time, due to the new law forcing the likes of us outside for our carcinogenic pleasures, the visit was very pleasant. Busy night, with only one six-top table available. Me and the wife took it, and then when a young couple came in looking around for a place to sit, I waved them over to share our table. As far as food goes, the wife had a tenderloin (at the Burger Barge? That's kwazy!!!) and I had the Coney Burger. We split the frips (fries and chips) and walked out happy and full. The menu is so big, well, I just quiver thinking about all the possibilities. They even do breakfast!!

I plan on doing some more dining out, so keep up with stuff.