Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another War Story

End our involvement in the Iraqi civil war. Now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A War Story

I came across this post yesterday. It is a post by a fellow blogger who was serving in Iraq. He left a blog post with his friend to put up in the event of death. That day came, I am sad to say. I didn't know the guy, but the post is worth reading, and no one will fault you when a tear drop or two hits your keyboard.

Follow the link: Andrew Olmsted

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Fun Picture, For Old Times' Sake

Good old Joe. Would make a fine Secretary of State.

So Exciting!!

I just love the electoral process. Even though we've been hearing about the 2008 Presidential election for over a year now (or darn close), now that the people are finally standing up to be counted, it is non-stop entertainment for me.

Joe Biden was my guy. I had the chance to see him over in Iowa a few times, and I have been a fan of his for some years now. Most folks will agree that his personality, his in-your-face attitude backed up by his intellectual capabilities, are perhaps not the greatest example of a President, though I think it would be a refreshing change. Additionally, his political solution to the Iraq war, and more specifically our involvement in the situation, is the only solution out there. No other Democrat has come up with so comprehensive a plan, a plan that is already laid out in the Iraqi constitution adopted in 2005. What I can hope now is that whichever candidate wins the Democratic nomination, they will take another look at the Biden-Gelb plan.

I don't want to jump on the Obama bandwagon, really I don't. I have been saying for a number of months now that no matter how intriguing and exciting he is, he's not ready for the job.

Now here comes the fun part--I do like Clinton as our next President. She does indeed have the tools that are needed to actually get things done.

Buuutt....the more I hear Obama, the more convinced I am that he could really take us places as a country, as a nation in this world. His speeches, whether he writes them or someone else does (or a nice mix) have captivated me. It reminds me of watching old film of Kennedy's speeches during the 1960 campaign and his inaugural. I don't get that excitable feeling when I hear Clinton talk, though I know for absolute certain that she does indeed know what she is talking about.

So I'm torn. I like 'em both. And I don't like Edwards, so he's easy for me to dismiss.

But I think I'm probably going to hop on the Obama bandwagon. But whichever of these two are the candidate, it is my feeling that we can hardly go wrong.

And if folks have comments about how I am wrong/dumb/moronic/mislead/ignorant about liking Clinton, save it. Get your own blog and write your lost little neocon missives in long form and save me the trouble from deleting your comment. But then come back and check for more restaurant reviews!!