Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Krispy Kreme, Peoria

There was a time that I was excited about a Krispy Kreme coming to Peoria. Them times have come and gone.

I have never, ever, been a fan of the Peoria store. The Bloomington store has always been a treat. We used to take drives over there just for the hell of it, get some donuts and coffee and drive back. But this store here has just been a bucket of problems from the git-go, it would seem. However, whenever I did find it open (amid oddwad hours), I never had too much of a problem with the donuts.

This all changed last Friday evening. We stopped there about 9:00 in the evening to grab a dozen so we didn't have to worry about breakfast the next morning before our trip to Indianapolis (more on that to follow). I ordered up six glazed and six chocolate-frosted donuts. The guy handed me a box that was not really closed at all, and had chocolate frosting all over it. When Jenny opened the box, the donuts looked as though they had been put in the box warm and sat around for a day or two. The chocolate had run down the sides, and the glaze was white and crusty. Additionally, they tasted like shit. They were stale and the chocolate tasted cruddy. To paraphrase Philip J. Fry (if you don't know, then too damn bad), after eating one of those chocolate donuts, it was like there was a party in my mouth and everyone was vomiting.

Jenny tried to get me to turn around and return or exchange them, but I was just so pissed that I knew I would go in there and pitch a (albeit, small) hissy fit. Plus, I knew I would eat a few of them, just to make sure they really did suck. They did.

So, by golly, I will not go back to Krispy Kreme. I don't really like Dunkin Donuts, but at least I can expect that they might be a little stale, and just roll with it. We also have Lester's Donuts, even though they don't really have late night hours.

I never get over to Pekin, but they have arguably the best donuts around at Spudnuts. I understand that one needs to order their donuts the night before, with little hope for catching a few in the morning without a donut appointment.

What I want to know is: what is your favorite donut from around here? Are there any little shops like that used to be down on Spring Street, where the real fun was to get home before the greasy donuts dropped out of the bottom of the greasy bag? Anyone remember Mel-o-Creme on War Memorial? Does Trefzger's still do donuts? They have Danish, for uppity folks, but I seem to remember them making a mean chocolate Long John.

As for the weekend that was preceded by the donut fiasco, me and Jenny went to Indianapolis to see Eddie Izzard (straight transvestite comedian). Good times were had by all. Didn't eat anywhere real remarkable, except RED ROBIN (Yummmm). It was our second time to the franchise, and I just swear that they need to come to Peoria!!! They do a fine job with a burger (had one with an egg on it... tavern burger anyone?), bottomless steak fries, and great service. If anyone wants to go halfsies with me on opening a Red Robin here in town, let me know. By the way, you have to fund it all.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mikey's Pizza, Peoria

After having talked about it for a while, and somehow forgetting about it, the Don and I went to Mikey's Pizza and Subs, located where the LaGondola used to be at Forrest Hill and Gale. I've noticed that they have a "$5 Lunch Special" advertised on the window. Silly me, thinking it was something to do with pizza. We got in there, and were informed that it was a cheeseburger and fries. The Don got that, and he said that it was a pretty darn fine sandwich, stating that he thought the bun was slathered in garlic butter. That definitely got my attention.

I had the "personal" sized calzone, which was enough for two people to enjoy a lunch. Of course I ate it all, but were I only to have half, I would have been just fine. Oh yeah, it was good, too. Nothing special, but it was something I would order again.

Lots of sandwiches and some pasta dishes, too, on the menu. Some pretty decent pizza specials, as well. I recommend checking this place out for lunch sometime.

Political Rant: Hillary, it's time to hang it up. Please. Let's go ahead and get on with things. You have gone as far as you can. The Obama Train just cannot be stopped at this point.