Monday, April 27, 2009

A weekend of laziness!!!

It was far too nice to be in all weekend. Didn't really go anywhere special, just to Chili's and Steak n Shake. I will say this: Steak n Shake was overfilled and understaffed. They didn't bring my wife's salad dressing until after I was done with my meal. The management had no problem taking that off the bill. So they avoid the $hitlist.

However, I did enjoy a lunch at Rizzi's downtown. A co-worker told me they had a lunch menu worth checking out. We both had salads to start, done up with nice fresh greens. I liked my Italian dressing, she didn't much care for the tomato-basil variety. Her entree was the Manicotti, which she said was very good, nice and flavorful. Seeing as how I'm a slob, I opted to not get anything with a red sauce because I would certainly have no secrets about where I dined... or it would look like I got shot. Anyhoo, I went for the fettucini carbonara, a rich, creamy alfredo sauce with onions and prosciutto. Very flavorful!! It was heavy on the prosciutto, so I win!

I will enjoy going back and trying something else. Someday, when I wear a plaid shirt, so that the eventual spills might not get noticed as quickly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What A Slacker!!!

No more!

I will no longer ignore this blog. I've had good and bad situations at restaurants that NEED attention! Onward we climb...

Carnegie's, Peoria: Together with some co-workers, we visited this upscale establishment for lunch yesterday. I had heard that they were offering a decent lunch deal--salad bar, couple of soups and a hot entree for $7. Sure enough, there it was in all its return-trip glory. Small salad bar, but it had hard-boiled eggs, so it's a winner already. Add the fact that they had cottage cheese too, and I'm sold American. The soups were chicken tortilla and Italian wedding. The former was tasty, not really spicy as I would have thought. The latter... well, I'm no pro on soups, but the only other time I've had the Italian wedding variety it was in some sort of brothy concoction. This time it was in tomato sauce, which does make more sense... I guess. I told my crew that it tasted like Spaghetti-O's without the O's. The hot entree was a chicken stir fry with noodles, which was good. They switch it up every day, so I am looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer. Yummy breadsticks!! And then the guy brought us cookies, which made MY day.

There are lots of good options for lunch downtown, and you can add this to the list. If it can last until summer, I would bet it becomes rather more popular.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Peoria: Me and the family ate there last evening. I've never been a big fan of the place, but I wanted to watch the Cubs game and didn't feel like driving too far from my other destination of the evening, Gander Mountain (fishing season! I fish!!). So we got there on 40 cent wing night, ordered up a bunch of wings and some chicken tenders for the kid. It was all pretty... chicken. The big thing that stands out for me is the teriyaki... when the chicken wings are gone, I can run my fries in it. Or steal Chloe's fries when she's not looking and do my dipping.

So, not the best wings, but they had a big TV. That was enough for me. Still kind of expensive, though. You don't get what you pay for, but once again... big TV... Cubs game.