Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Back Into Town

I've so ignored the Peoria area eating establishments for a week now! For this, I apologize to all the restaurants for their lack of my business. I can't help it if I've been getting good home-cooked meals and otherwise dining in other states.

On our trip through Iowa, Minnesota and back, we ate a great deal of good food. We started with Hardee's in Macomb. Anyone who's ever attended Western Illinois knows that the Hardee's on West Jackson serves a breakfast called the Harold. If I recall correctly, it was named for a special man who ordered his meal the same way every morning: biscuits and gravy, with scrambled eggs on top and hash rounds on top of that, all self-contained in one nice tray. It was as I remembered it from 14 years ago.

Now I'm not going to go through every place we ate, because for most everyone, it doesn't apply. But a few highlights: the wiener schnitzel at the Ox-Yoke Inn in Amana, Iowa, Bubba Gump's in the Mall Of America, the Sunday Brunch at the Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel. The rest of the places were good eatins. We stopped at a place in Hudson, Wisconsin and had a sandwich. For an appetizer we had tortilla chips and pico de gallo. The chips tasted awful, like they were fried in nasty grease. But the pico was good stuff.

Anyhoo, keep reading. The restaurants will soon once again be repeating the same phrase-"Thank you, Floyd. Thank you for giving us your money for all the food you just ate!"

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