Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Katie makes good hashbrown casserole.

Did I mention that already? 8-)


Toni said...

Found your blog doing the random thing...so cool! Since I'm from East Peoria originally, this is a taste of home! (stuck in NC now by the way.) Keep it up...I'll check back. Feel free to stop by mine! I go to far, but I hope you has discussed the A-1 best place to eat in the Midwest--Steak n Shake!! (Boy do I miss them!)

Floyd said...

Oh wow, I'm gonna have to stock up on the Gas-X and all the heartburn stuff to do a Stake N Sheikh run. Earlier on in my eating career, it was almost an every-nighter.

Thanks for leaving a note. At least you folks in the south have Waffle House and Sonic!