Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back for some action

Well, I'm still down here in Macomb, but with the summer upon us and the gas prices being absolutely affordable, we will be making not infrequent trips back and forth to Peoria for various and sundry reasons. I've been messing around with the idea of firing this back up, with the hopes that when we finally make the move back to Peoria this December, I'll have a good list of restaurants nailed down, sometimes two or ten times.

Hat tip to Chef Kevin over at his blog,
Culinary Rants and Raves. He entertains me when he writes about the places he visits. He does it from a professional viewpoint-a guy who actually knows when something is done right or wrong. I take it from a different approach. You have to really screw something up for me to be unhappy about food and restaurants. Like the Texas Roadhouse did a few years back. Still pisses me off. Still haven't gone back, either, and I sneer at them when I pass their building in East Peoria that always has a letter or two unlit on their sign.

Anyhoo, difference between me and him is that he's a pro talking about a restaurant, and I'm a fat guy talking about a restaurant. His writings kept me interested in starting my own blog back up again.

So, update your blogrolls and get me up there on the list. I'll be talking about the places I visit and giving the lowdown on what's hot and what's not in Central Illinois dining, from a sammitch at Wendy's to a bone-in ribeye down at Jim's. I may even talk about the occasional Icee from Target or the Crap-a-cino I get from Starbucks. Nothing is taboo, and nothing is far from my reach. As long as my gut doesn't get in my way, I cannot be stopped!!


Diane Vespa said...

Welcome back! I look forward to hearing more from you. love this topic!

Jennifer said...

Welcome back.
Can't wait to read your reviews, hopefully it will help me get over my recent stagnate restaurant-going. (Stuck on Nick and Willies and Sushi Popo)