Monday, June 04, 2007

Corky's, East Peoria

I'm a fan of saying things such as, "it's hard to screw up a lunchmeat sandwich", or "it's hard to mess up a salad". One thing that is for sure is that it is EASY to screw up barbecue. Big John's, back in the heyday of his downtown location, was ON. They knew their barbecue, and I daresay that Peoria hasn't seen barbecue like it again. There are a few BBQ joints that I can attest to having pretty decent food, but I just think we're a bit too far north for any of the good ones.

Corky's, which is in the remodeled Citgo/Burger King building over by the East Peoria Wal-Mart, is a franchise that got its start in Memphis, home of barbecue, Elvis and rockabilly music. Back when it first opened up here in town a few months ago, the wait was far too long for me and my gathered group of gourmands. We were told that the list was two hours long, and after you ordered, it would be another hour. So this is the first opportunity I've had to get back and see what's up. I've heard different things about it, but the possibility of good BBQ is enough for me to give it a try.

We had a group of six tonight, and we ended up having to wait about a half-hour before being seated, and that ain't bad. I tried a combo that consisted of a half-rack of dry-rubbed ribs, beef brisket, turkey and pulled pork. Ron had the ribs and pork, Russ had a pulled pork sandwich, Jenny had turkey and pork, Jen had a turkey sandwich, and Katie had... I forgot! She doesn't like BBQ, so I'm sure she had something different. And don't make fun of Katie because she doesn't like BBQ. Ron will fix that, over time.

The only complaint I heard from anyone was from myself and Ron, and we thought the ribs were served a bit on the cool side. They were still fairly tasty and very tender, but it would have been better if they were the temperature they were supposed to be.

Other than that, nice atmosphere, a pretty kind server who kept up with our refills as long as we requested them. It doesn't measure up to BBQ I've had in other locales, mostly down south, but for Peoria, it does good. I hope they succeed, and I liked their Elvis-themed room.

Corky's makes the HIT List!!


Anonymous said...

Bert, Bert, Bert....I will become a BBQ and wings fan the same time Ron quits smoking.
I had a chicken sandwich that was 'surprisingly not bad.'

Floyd said...

Shoulda known it was a chicken sandwich. I remember now. Jenny says it had bacon. Can't really screw up anything with bacon on it. And I defy anyone to try!!