Monday, June 25, 2007

Firehouse Pizza, Peoria

Not long ago Chef Kevin reviewed Firehouse Pizza, and I made the comment that I didn't like a pizza sauce that was on the sweet side. I had reconciled myself to not trying this place, but today I just changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that.

So me, the wife and kid head out to their new location at Northpoint and found the place not real busy. I did like the looks of the place, with the TV's in every booth allowing me to catch the Cubs/Sox game without having to crane my neck around the place.

We got ourselves a couple of sodas, Jenny had a little side salad and I had the pigs-in-blankets, which were a couple big hot dogs wrapped up in the pizza dough. Those things I liked!! Great dipped in good ole yellow mustard.

The pizza we ordered was a "Cheeseburger" pizza, with hamburger, bacon, onions, and a cheddar-mozzarella blend. I would have really enjoyed it... were it not for that sauce. It wasn't bad... just had that sweet taste. Certainly different from other pizzas in this area. I can see people liking it... but not me. Took a helluva long time to get a refill, too, for such an unbusy Sunday afternoon.

While they are not going to make my HIT list, Firehouse Pizza will not make my SHIT list, either. It was passable food, and perhaps someday I will try the pizza with the white garlic sauce. It just wasn't my thang.

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