Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chili's, Peoria

I'm not going to make this long and drawn out. Chili's always wins in my book, so no point in putting forth more platitudes about the place. I had another good burger, Jenny enjoyed the Chicken Tenders, Mom had a humongous serving of Country Fried Steak that had me jealous. We had an appetizer of boneless shanghai wings, complete with wasabi ranch dipping sauce. Just magical. Jeff, our waiter, was a good guy. Even told me the Cubs score because he noticed my cell phone shell was Cubbified. Brought me lots of iced tea refills. Chili's just makes me so happy, even though it's a chain restaurant. Given a choice between going to a chain restaurant or a locally-owned original restaurant, I'll always choose the latter. Unless the former is a Chili's. Then I'll think about it. And then decide to want to go to Chili's.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot have respect for someone who calls oneself a gourmand, yet loves chilis. I went over the weekend (only because I had a gift certificate to spend) and it was just as mediocre, bland and unoriginal as when I last went, about ten years ago. Their food is crap. Overpriced crap at that.