Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good News, Everyone!!

My mother called with news she knew would get me all excited, and it confirms what Chef Kevin said a few posts down:

The "Q" Smokehouse is coming back!!

I couldn't find this on pjstar.com, but I will assume Mom is not lying to me in some cruel tease-the-fat-guy way. I understand it will be up in the shopping center there in the Heights that has very few tenants as it is. Smaller square footage means no long walks back to the buffet. Honestly, the Westlake location just seemed like a barn to me. Seemed weird. So now the Heights gets a bit more affordable fare than the fancy places that are already on that stretch of Prospect (no offense to them; I'm betting that their food is wonderful). And I like the idea of it being in the Heights, seeing as how that's where I grew up.

Good for the "Q"!! They will finish me off, for sure!!


Jennifer said...

I saw the article in the paper, too, sometimes those little articles don't seem to make it online.

mama simone said...

Now would your Mama lie to you about food????