Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gil's, Hanna City

What can one say about Gil's? Crowded on Saturday night, but totally worth the wait. Add that to the idea that the only way a person can get a better piece of chicken is to make love to a hen, and we have a successful dining experience.

Tonight I was joined by the lovely and vivacious Chloe, who, being all of 22 months old, was very well-behaved, only throwing her drawing pad, a half of a cracker, and a napkin. She almost chucked a chicken strip at another table, but I caught on before the meat could fly. Also dining with me tonight was the lovely and vivacious Jason and the lovely and vivacious Russ.

We had a lovely young waitress who quickly made friends with Chloe and got us whatever we asked for. Unfortunately we had to remind her about our drinks and our vegetable side dishes. No matter. She got us refills on our iced teas quickly and brought Chloe a cranberry juice, so all is well.

Russ and I had the fried chicken, and Jason had the Saturday night special, prime rib. We also began our meals with appetizers of onion rings and fried cauliflower. All very good!! The chicken was a bit greasier than usual, but that told me that it was fresh. Just wonderful!! They've earned a spot in my heart (demarcated by a large chunk of cholesterol) as the best fried chicken around.

Right around this time, they substitute pumpkin fritters for their normal corn fritters. I am not a fan of pumpkin things like pies and bread and ice cream and chili and whatever else people do with pumpkin this time of year. But these fritters were just dandy!!

Gil's, of course, is on my HIT list. Always a hit with me and my group of friends, and Chloe did very well eating everything that was given to her.

It's a short drive out to Hanna City. Get on Farmington Road from wherever you are in Peoria, and drive until you see the big colorful sign on Route 116.


Peoria Peepers said...

LOVE the pumpkin fritters!!!

Anonymous said...

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