Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, okay...

I'm going to once again make this blog go. People ask about it. I says to them, "I didn't know you, or anyone, read it." They say, "Yep." So.... I guess I will try to inform people of what I notice about food around here.

Let me see if I can remember my last few dinings-out:

Culver's, Peoria: I think their fries are getting better... or they're using more salt. Either way, they are edible now. Burgers are, of course, always the same.

Steak n Shake, North University, Peoria: We ordered for us (me, wife, kid) and a sandwich for my dad. They shorted us a steakburger (mine) and gave us two extra orders of fries. At least the vanilla coke was good! I am not deterred from going there again.

Feldan's, Peoria: Glad they're open now. Nice place. A better review of Feldan's can be found over at this blog. I liked the look of the place. It is indeed brighter, and the brightest shininess came from the very nice staff. They have people behind the buffet that serve you the food. It made me feel a bit weird, but it took me back to the days of Bishop's buffet down on Washington. The pizza was pretty good, but it seemed to me like it wasn't real warm... or it cooled off quick. I liked the "orange chicken" pizza, and the BBQ pizza, and they had some sort of au gratin potatoes with corn flakes on top of them. I loved those!!

Vertucci's, East Peoria: Like the new location, approximately 100 feet from their old place. Cubcentricity!! I had a 1/2 lb Polish sausage... they called it something special, some nickname like the "housewarmer" or the "domestic batterer" or the "gutbuster." I wish I could remember! Anyhow, it was okay. I think I like the regular-sized Polish better, with the yellow mustard and grilled onions.

Avanti's, N. Knoxville, Peoria: Went their three times in February. Had the same server twice, wonderful service, really did well putting up with the kid. The third time, we had someone else (a trainer?), and she must have been having a down night. I'll stop there.

Dunkin Donuts, over by the mall: Yummy coffee! I tell them "Large coffee, little bit of cream, lots of sugar." They get it right every time! Don't get me wrong, I like the little local places, especially Leaves and Beans up in the Heights. But when I'm not on that end of town, I love coming through DD right quick to get a fix.

More to come.


JennyWo said...

Yeah!!! Welcome to 2009, sweetie! Now--was that so hard to do? :o)

LoisW said...

I'm thinking I'm in for Steak 'n Shake!!! Orange freezes are the bomb!

Peoria Peepers said...

Ah HA!! I thought you might be writing something soon when I noticed your color changes a few weeks back. Good to see you back at it.

The sausage at Vertucci's is the Homewrecker. I remember thinking it was a fun name. We did visit their new location, but had some service issues, so we'll try it again.