Monday, April 27, 2009

A weekend of laziness!!!

It was far too nice to be in all weekend. Didn't really go anywhere special, just to Chili's and Steak n Shake. I will say this: Steak n Shake was overfilled and understaffed. They didn't bring my wife's salad dressing until after I was done with my meal. The management had no problem taking that off the bill. So they avoid the $hitlist.

However, I did enjoy a lunch at Rizzi's downtown. A co-worker told me they had a lunch menu worth checking out. We both had salads to start, done up with nice fresh greens. I liked my Italian dressing, she didn't much care for the tomato-basil variety. Her entree was the Manicotti, which she said was very good, nice and flavorful. Seeing as how I'm a slob, I opted to not get anything with a red sauce because I would certainly have no secrets about where I dined... or it would look like I got shot. Anyhoo, I went for the fettucini carbonara, a rich, creamy alfredo sauce with onions and prosciutto. Very flavorful!! It was heavy on the prosciutto, so I win!

I will enjoy going back and trying something else. Someday, when I wear a plaid shirt, so that the eventual spills might not get noticed as quickly.


Anonymous said...

I love Steak and Shake. Too bad about the slack service.

Anonymous said...

We need some new news. You have probably eaten at steak & shake a dozen times since the last post.

Anonymous said...

Oops shake was overfilled..
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