Thursday, October 13, 2005

First Post

I wanted to create this blog to express my opinions and views about local restaurants. I know we get reviews in the Peoria Journal Star, but they happen once a week, usually focus on new restaurants, and are relatively politically correct. With my little piece of the Internet, I'm going to call it like it is, not pull punches, and really let you know what's what with dining.

I do a lot of dining out. Between being lazy AND busy quite a bit of the time, I don't always feel like doing a great deal of cooking, even though I like it. Plus our kitchen's small and unwelcoming. Functional, yes. But not bent towards my creative side.

I'm going to talk about bad experiences, good experiences, fancy places and dives, fast food and slow food. What I hope I can provide is a heads-up to readers about choices they may make in where they go to eat.

Not quite sure if there's anything else like this in Peoria. There's listings of area restaurants to be found, but not much else than that.

The thing that prompted me to do this? Read my next post, which will cover the first of many restaurants.

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