Sunday, October 30, 2005


Thursday evening found me and the wife having a late-night dinner at Perkins following my night class. This has become a typical move for us, as I don't get out of class till 8:45 and sometimes the wife works till 10:30, so neither of us really want to do any cooking that late.

Perkins has been a place for the nighttime denizens to meet on the weekends and do whatever they do. Used to be a 24-hour place but they only do that on Thursdays-Saturdays now.

This restaurant is a typical family-type restaurant, nothing real special about it, but in my experiences, they do everything just fine, especially breakfast. I've never had a bad breakfast, as they have lots of choices, especially the omelettes!

The wife had a bread bowl chef salad. I guess you can't really mess those up, so no further comments needed for that. I had a spicy chicken finger sandwich with fries. This sandwich is chicken fingers wtih pepper jack cheese and tomatoes on sourdough toast. It is awful dang good, and big to boot! Fries are decent, but you can catch them on a bad day and get subpar fries. Nothing I hate worse than subpar fries!!

SOoooooo.... if you're looking for a good breakfast or a late night dinner of some sorts, this is a good choice. There's not a lot of choices for this kind of thing in Peoria, so this is the one I typically will go for.

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