Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pizzeria Uno

Long a favorite pizza of mine, when it came to town a few years back I was quite ecstatic. I really cannot stand the cheap-0 pizzas like Papa John's and Domino's and, to a degree, Pizza Hut. The one thing about Uno is that they are truly a Chicago deep-dish variety.

If you're not familiar with the placement of Peoria's Uno outlet, it's in the lobby of the Mark Twain Hotel down on the corner of Adams and Fayette. With the new overpass at Adams over I-74, it's even trickier to get into the parking lot from Adams, but there is a spot. Plus you can access it from Fayette.

With said new overpass, it's a bit raised, so if you're sitting inside along Adams, there's a bit of a small courtyard (could have big possibilities when the nice weather returns!), but then a wall is the rest of your view.

About the food-the only thing I've ever had as an entree is the pizza, specifically the Chicago Classic. Twice the cheese, twice the tomatoes, and twice the sausage on an extra crispy crust. This is the kind of pizza with the sauce and such on top, which is the way real deep dish pizza is.

Me and Aaron dined there on Wednesday night. Sat at the bar and watched game 4 of the World Series and had ourselves the pizza noted above. For appetizers we had the buffalo chicken quesadilla, which instead of tortilla is made from pizza crust and grilled. It's pretty tasty. The big surprise was the... I forget how it's listed in the menu but it means to be a sort-of potato skin, only it's more of a pizza with mashed potatoes, topped with cheese and bacon. How tasty!!

Our server/bartender, Lea (or Leah, forgive me) was nice and kept the refills coming and even let us sit there and watch the game while the place was closing all around us.

Pizzeria Uno-HIT LIST!!


Mahkno said...

The one and only time we ate there, was at lunch on a Saturday. By evening we were all feeling ill and the next day, the proof was evident.

I am not impressed with UNO's overall. For Chicago styled pizza, I prefer Giordano's. Hopefully, someday one is put in Peoria.

Floyd said...

Giordano's is pretty good stuff, too. Between them, Uno's and Lou Malnati's, they've all got it right when it comes to the deep-dish pizza.

Sorry you had a bad experience there. Yeah, usually only takes one time of sickness like that to ruin a place for you. There's just something about the way they do their crust, however, that one-ups Giordano's in my book. They're real similar, however.