Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leonardo's, Peoria

Just kidding. They closed, very secretively, as discussed on the Peoria Pundit (and in the Journal Star).

Bunch of crap. I hope the employees get their paychecks, and I hope the owner, Michael LaHood, brother of representative Ray LaHood, finds a way to pay his workers. It is just the most careless thing to do. I hope it gets worked out.

And it's too bad for Leonardo's. Their pizza was, to me, at the very top of Peoria area pizzas, especially their deep-dish. Damn shame.

I am unclear about the ownership situation, as far as how long LaHood has owned it, or if he owned the one down on War Memorial and Wisconsin, as well.

Kinda weird, though. Good business in the original location, they open up a new location out at the Grand Prairie, the old business catches fire, rebuilds, and then closes. Now the new place closes.

And I also noticed a sign over in Washington. They have a LaGondola that offers (offered?) Leonardo's pizza.

WTF? Any answers out there?


Anonymous said...

Well, I know LaHood's own LaGondola. Not sure if they are related to the owner of Leonardo's, but I would guess probably so.

That sign may not be up much longer.

Anonymous said...

If you're in the mood for something other than pizza, then you are in luck. Sonic is coming your way soon...Peoria and East Peoria. Tots, anyone??

Floyd said...

Sonic is good... nice, tasty slushies. Grape and Lemon Slush!! They also have a breakfast burrito with all sorts of stuff in it that will tear the @$$ out of you. Fun stuff!!

I do like a place that serves tater tots, however.

Peoria Peepers said...

The banner is still up at La Gondola in Washington (regarding Leonardo's pizzas).
Someone suggested to me that they figure La Gondola will continue serving them, as it will be more of a draw now that the Leonardo's are closed.

Kevin Lowe said...

No answers. But no big loss. I never did like their pizza all that much.

I do feel for the employees. That was pretty shitty treatment.

I'll take a Sonic burger anytime. Heck, I'll take just about any burger anytime.

Go Cards!! Cubs got lucky that first game. I predict the Cards will take the next three.

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned the Cards....don't lose heart. They will catch the Cubbies. I will leave it at that lest I offend the gourmand.

Floyd said...

Heh... poor Cardinals. Took a rainout to avoid facing Zambrano Sunday night. He knows 91.5 million ways to win a game, you know!

Anonymous said...

qcemsqMike Lahood bought Leonardo's Pizza business in Dec. of 2002 and opened the Shoppes location about a year later. He closed both locations and filed bankruptcy both personal and business and hung people for 5.2 million dollars. He put Countryside Banquet in his daughter's name to try to keep it, as well as a farm, a resort, houses in Il. Mo. and Fla. and fancy cars etc. I hope he chokes on all the cash he swallowed. He is a brother to Congressman Ray Lahood and a cousin to Dick Lahood of La-Gondola busineses in several cities. The pizza at Washington is similar, but certainly not the same as the good stuff that used to be on War Memorial. A nephew Adam Lahood is reported to have taken $240,000.00 from Mike, but Mike is just overlooking that. It may be that all the properties and businesses mentioned may implode when the fed's get done with the bankruptcy and tax issues. This is twice that he has not paid his employees when there was money to pay them !!! I hope the 5 points banquet hall in Washington takes all the Countryside business as 5 points can be counted on to be open !!!