Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Milford, Michigan

Yes, Katie, I am still alive. Don't you know that I am a world traveler? Always out and about, gallavanting around the globe?

The truth of it is, me and the family just got back from Michigan, up to visit her brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Stefanie. They got themselves a house in Milford, which is about the cutest little town ever. Nice little house, too. Wonderful hosts, didn't complain once with the crying kid or me trodding heavily up and down the stairs with the cell phone low-battery beep going off every minute while they try to sleep.

Not that I expect anyone to rush off in search of this wonderful cuisine, but we had some nice meals up there. Paul made us a couple of homemade pizzas that just rocked. We lunched at a little deli up on the main drag where I had pineapple salsa for the first time, on a "caribbean Philly" sandwich. Dinner at the Milford House, where I enjoyed a nice salad with oranges, dried cherries, and other stuff with a house dressing that was sort of sweet and sour. Big ole burger, too. Good stuff.

A visit to the Big Boy in Chelsea, Michigan, and a quick stop at an Arby's in Ottawa, Illinois, and we were back home, ready to get back into the swing of things.

Highlights of this trip: Getting to see my sis-in-law's mom and sister, Sue and Kim. They are a treat!! Also, there's this big grocery that sells organic stuff and gourmet food. I just wanted to buy about everything!! I ended up buying orange juice made from "blood oranges", pomegranate soda, onion horseradish dip, horseradish pickles, Charles Chips (!!), and a piece of Wensleydale cheese (Cheese, Gromit!!).

Lowlights of this trip: I forgot our birth certificates, so we couldn't go across the river to Canada so I could buy contraband such as Players cigarettes and Cuban cigars. Dammit. Also, we were going to swing by Ypsilanti to hit the Bomber Restaurant. Traffic just got too thick in between Milford and there, so I decided, reluctantly, to save my arteries and head on down the road.

So, yes, Katie, I am still alive. Alive with pleasure!! The pleasure of having driven about 920 of the 1000 miles involved in this trip. But it was good to get away for a bit. I've saved you a horseradish pickle. You're welcome!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. I was just concerned we hadn't heard anything out of you and I figured you had to be home. got me a pickle, huh? I seem to remember, before kids, you brought me home tassels and now I get a pickle. That certainly says something 'sigh' :)