Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food! And other stuff!!

Glad this thing is still here!

I'm going to try and update this thing a bit more regularly. I don't type as much as I eat! We'll see if that changes.

Last night we went to Pizza Inn, right as the buffet was shutting down. The girl said as much, and told us that we could have at it, but there wouldn't be anything new being added to it. We took a look, saw much pizzas, and gave it a shot. The whole thing wasn't bad. A serviceable salad bar, some soups (didn't try), fried potato wedges (at a pizza place??), and about six different kinds of pizza, not including the cheezy bread and the dessert pizza. I didn't have anything I didn't like. It's comparable to that Cici's place in Evergreen Square, but I think that Pizza Inn does a better pie overall. The waitress knocked a few bucks off the bill, and that made the dinner even better!

While I may not be eating at anywhere new and/or exciting, I'll get to the places that are familiar and talk a bit about what I know. I won't make everyone happy, but remember--you're reading this of your own free will, and I'm not making any money off it. If you want to bash a restaurant, feel free. If you try and bash me and my writings, I'll delete your comment and curse your name (which is almost always "Anonymous").

The reason that this has to be said is that every so often, a troll comes along, crawls out from under his bridge, and snarks a bit. Snark is fine, but back it up. Statements along the lines of "Your food posts aren't great, but you should stick with them instead of talking political" is just silly, especially when nothing else is offered in the way of a friendly debate.

That having been said, on to a very quick political statement. I am supporting Senator Clinton at this point in the race. WHEN Senator Obama wins the nomination, I will be behind him 100%. Any Democrat who says, "if Senator (fill-in-the-blank) doesn't win the nomination, I will vote for Senator McCain," is a silly ass. Discuss.


Katie said...

I agree. I am pulling for Obama, but if Clinton gets the nomination I am sure not going to vote for McCain. But honestly, can it really get any worse?

Michael said...

I can't agree with you on Hillary. IF the Super Delegates coronate her I simply won't vote at all. I refuse to vote for a Republican in Democrat clothing. She was and is a Goldwater girl who served on the board of Wal-mart, the most anti-American, anti-worker corporation there is. If the American people are willing to settle for another appointed President then they get what they deserve.

Ramble On said...

My son was in town today for his job (in Decatur) and whenever he makes it to Peoria, I usually take him to lunch. This was our second trip to Pizza Inn. Both times, it has been quite good. Have to admit that I like the price and the little cinnamon rolls at CiCi's though! I am another Obama supporter, but will vote for HRC if that is the choice I am given. If too many people stay home, McLame wins by default!

Billy Dennis said...

Good post.