Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jammer's, West Peoria (among other chitter-chatter)

Been a while, huh?

I have eaten in many places, but nothing really stood out over the last month or so. I have, however, eaten a few times at Jammer's, out on Farmington Road. It is a Chicago-themed place, small, a bit warm, children running about while Mom watches the front and Dad cooks in back. The two times I visited were days that I just wanted a couple of dogs ran thru the garden, leaving off the tomatoes. They've done it right both times, with good tasting fresh-cut fries and a cold can of my choice of soda, all for just under $7.00. The dogs are grilled, I do believe. I am going to take a closer look the next time I stop by, but they had a good snap to them when I bit down. And BOTH visits I bit into the sport pepper and it got me in the eye. Suddenly I'm doing something wrong?!?

Here are a few other highlights (and perhaps lowlights??):

Burger Barge: always good.
Peking Restaurant (top of Main Street hill): lunch buffet small, some good dishes, some meh...
Chili's: always, always good. Never bad. Curse me and my non-dislike for franchise restaurants!!
Vonachen's Old Place: Had some flavorless pasta dish that should have been better. Service good, food not so much. Still don't want them to close, however. Damn.
Pepper's, basement of the Commerce Bank Building: Nice lunch spot, has the old Jumer's cinnamon rolls (and for good reason-lots of former Jumer's folks working there, I think).
Carl's Bakery, East Peoria: The big rooster!!! It's been 15 years since I have been in the place and it still smells the same-greasy. But the tenderloin, ahh, the tenderloin!!! It is so good, I would allow for even worse smells to accompany my dining experience.
Taco John's, East Peoria: Potato Oles. Salty, greasy, and oh, so damned good.
Garner's Pizza and Wings, out by the new Wal-Mart in Peoria: still expensive, still good.
Good Tequilas, by the Grand Prairie mall: tastes like every other Mexican restaurant around here-yummy.
Chinatown, by the Cub Foods on Knoxville: The BEST Chinese carry-out in town. Try the General Tso's or the Hot Pepper chicken.
McDonald's-my daughter appears to like the cheeseburgers. Don't go to the one on Main Street, across from Campustown. They screwed up a large Coke.
Culver's-kind of getting tired of them. Plus I never know how to order the "Flavor of the Day." Is it a shake? A concrete mixer? A sundae?
Jimmy John's-no frills sammitches with the good bread.

What a shitty food reviewer I am!!

Insert promise to write more meaningful reviews... HERE.

Go Cubs!


Jennifer said...

Hmm.. for Culver's the flavor of the day is just a flavor of the custard (like they have choc and vanilla and then the "flavor of the day")

Thanks for the reviews, though, I havent' been to the chinese restaurant near knox cub, so I'll have to check it out. Love spicy!

JennyWo said...

Hey, you didn't tell me you blogged! And you didn't tell me you went to Jammer's. "He ordered another cup of coffee? He never wants another cup at home!" (Something like that)

I guess it's true. The wife IS always the last to know... :o)

Ramble On said...

I ate at Chinatown because the folks at China Express were closed for vacation. Bleeh! First and last trip. I will wait for China Express folks to be off vacation. Neither my son, nor I even bothered to take our leftovers. To each their own!

Katie said...