Sunday, October 16, 2005

Club Cabaret

Saturday night took me and a buddy, Jason, to Club Cabaret. Before you think I've delved into talking about nudie bars, they do indeed have a dining room. It used to be a pretty nice room, with around four tables and three nice booths in the back, but they've trimmed it down to just the two front tables. The rest of the former dining room has turned into a "VIP Room". I won't get into guessing games as to what goes on in there, because my best friend (who is not my wife) Aaron works there.

We showed up to the place around 6:00 and, wouldn't you know it, the dining room was full! So we bopped around, visited with our buddy and watched the ends of the Cardinals/Astros game (go None Of The Above!) and the USC/Notre Dame game.

When we got a table, I think we caught the waitress during a rather busy time. They do serve food out on the main floor as well, so she probably had a few tables to take care of there, too. She finally got around to us and got the table cleared off and got us our drinks and took our order. When it came time to order we chose to split a humongous plate of nachos. Two grown men could make a filling meal out of this. It's got everything (except guacamole, dangit) you could want with an enormous blob of sour cream on top. Absofabuloso!

My buddy got an order of potato skins (cheesy and good, according to him) and 20 chicken wings. Now, the chicken wings is arguably the best deal going. These are gigantic wings, not the shriveled up ones you tend to get at other places. One can order them hot, mild, breaded or unbreaded, and maybe a few other options. He got the mild unbreaded ones. As always, they were just dandy.

I wasn't feeling very inspired, so I just got a Cajun cheeseburger, which I believe means they seasoned it up a bit more. Came with all the usual burger veggies. Side dishes included a baked potato and a dinner salad with their house dressing, which is a sweet bacon type thing. I think they referred to it as Brittany. Either that or I overheard the DJ from the main room announcing the next dancer. That would explain why my baked potato was named Athena.

I've tried a number of different things on the menu, which includes ribeyes, prime rib... well, maybe that's all I've had. But both are EXCELLENT! I prefer the ribeye, always done just right (medium) and a sizeable portion. Good prices, too; the big ribeye is like 18 or 19 bucks.

The waitressing staff are always very nice. Tonight ours got a bit busy, but once the food started happening she got rolling, too. For making us wait early on (which wasn't a big deal anyhoo) she charged us for a half-order of the nachos, so that was something she didn't have to do. Wish I could remember her name!

Club Cabaret is on the HIT LIST! I just wish they wouldn't have shrunk the dining room. Jason made the comment that it felt like a training area for waitresses instead of a true restaurant.


Greg said...

So here it goes again. For some reason my first post on this one did not take hold. Annnnnyway, I completely agree with your opinion of Club Caberet. I have been saying for years how good the food is there. My friends girlfriends, and now wives still don't believe me, but are too offended by the fact they may see a naked woman to try it. My wife Heather has been a few times with me and totally agrees. Heck, it's not like you have to sit on stage or anything! Kudos on you guys handling those nachos and then going on for the main course. Those things are huge. My buddy Dave and I used to go there just to split an order. Great burgers there too! I will have to try the wings now after reading your post! The service is good, but not what it used to be. I remember when the wait staff used to pull out your chair, and put your napkin on your lap and such. Not quite the same anymore, but I fine eating establishment with great scenary.

Jason said...

If I remember correctly, her name was, "nice waitress"...

Oh, hey, you forgot to mention them as an early morning food option. You know, for those who seek pre-dawn sustenance and crave not the vile blechy-ness of Steak&Shake, Dennys, or Perkins? Well, I guess there's always downtown, with Hoops pizza and Richards grill, that I know of at least...but hey, they're on THAT side of the river!