Sunday, October 16, 2005

Golden Corral

Following a good whipping in the first game of our softball tournament this morning, we decided to drown our sorrows in as much scrambled eggs and bacon as we could. Our happy crew, consisting of Jason (a name you'll see often on this website), Charlie, Russ and his ladyfriend Jennifer, Pat, Jared, Herb and Mike, set off for Washington, Illinois, to the Golden Corral breakfast buffet.

Very typical fare, but a lot of it. Highlights-the Omelet Bar (my capitalization for reverence), smoked sausage, chipped beef and toast (S.O.S.!!!), and all things worthy of receiving syrup. Jason accidentally forgot to read the label on the bottle of the no-sugar syrup, so he corrected his faux-pas with a packet of sugar. Caveman.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time breaking this place down, but I just wanted to highlight that such a place exists, and for $7.38 or something like that (and that includes the drink), you can have anything, practically, for breakfast that you want. What you receive in the number of choices, you do lose in quality, but come on. How bad can ham be? Or hash browns? Or little boxes of Lucky Charms? Or French toast?

But what really made it special was two things-the company in which I shared my meal, and the fact that we got there at such a time that after a while, they switched to lunch. Too bad-the omelet sacked me, else some fried chicken would have been heading my way.

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