Friday, October 14, 2005

Jimmy John's

Okay, I'm going to be a bit biased about this place. I work extremely part-time at the Metro Centre store and subsequently get discounts and free sammitches, so that makes the place already awesome, and a major player on the HIT LIST.

I'm not going to enter a post here for every time I have myself a free sammitch, but just this once I will let it be known what's good. To me, anyhow.

Today's sammitch was a #1, known as the Pepe. Usually it's ham, cheese (provolone!), lettuce, tomato and mayo on the French bread. I leave off the tommy-toes, go easy on the lettuce, and put a toot of Dijon mustard on it.

Also good sammitches: #3 Sorry Charlie (good tuna), #4 Turkey Tom (leave the sprouts and tomatoes off, personal preference), #12 Beach Club (avocado!!), and the #16 Club Lulu (mmmm... bacon.... but you gotta pay for the cheese, which is SO unfair).

And the guy running the place, Greg, is an old friend, and the rest of the people working there are great!


Greg said...

Dude, I know Greg works there and all, but my Jimmy Johns experience got ruined a few years back. I ate there and later that night got that horrible flu that was going arround then. I was puking and shitting myself all over the place. Nothing against Jimmy Johns, or their food. I am sure it is a fine establishment with very good food. All I could taste when getting sick was that damned Italian dressing!!!!

Floyd said...

I dig that. I'm kinda that way with peanut butter right now, but I'm hoping that will pass.

Anonymous said...

The "Club Lulu" is still the best sandwich they make there. I could eat about 12 feet of them before my heart stopped working. But I would at least have enjoyed my last few breaths.